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    Passion for Sicilian Culinary Traditions
    To be found in each of our Dishes and Pizzas

    Stefano Gullotta


    Discover local traditions
    Located in the heart of Taormina, Porta Messina is a typical Sicilian Restaurant where traditions and passion are main protagonist. Delicious recipes will indeed delight your palate with flavors of our land, thanks to our Chef’s expertise but also thanks to the gorgeous ingredients that Sicily offers: Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Fruit, Wine and many others. We are always glad to welcome you in our restaurant also for many different experiences: Cooking Class, Pizza Making Class, Cannoli Cooking Class, Arancini Making Class, organized in order to let you discover and explore Sicilian Traditions in their true essence. Porta Messina is more than a simple restaurant, a Sicilian Culinary experience.


    CookingClass Experience

    For several years, the restaurant has offered the opportunity to attend Cooking Courses and a Pizzeria School at its premises.
    The courses are aimed at both beginners and experts, and offer a fun, educational and unique experience. Porta Messina Restaurants organizes different cooking classes to let you discover real Sicilian traditions with your hands: Classi Cooking Class, Pizza Making Class, Arancini Cooking Class and Cannoli Cooking Class.

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    DeliciousSicilian Traditions

    Ultimate dining experience like no other
    The cuisine of “Porta Messina” is simple but not lacking in imagination. It ranges from a variety of specialties with fresh pasta to excellent seafood, from traditional rustic Sicilian recipes to pizza of all kinds. Come and try our dishes!



    Cooked exclusively in Wood-Fired Oven
    As for our Restaurant, our Pizzeria follows Sicilian authentic cooking methods and ingredients. Our delicious pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven, which let our Pizza reach the right temperature and get delicious. We use a slow Leavening natural method and use only first quality ingredients. Ready to taste a delicious Pizza?



    Ultimate dining experience like no other
    We are ready to let you taste our delicious Sicilian specialities from 12.00 AM to 12.00 PM, all day long 7/7 !



    Checkout our restaurant and special dishes
    The dining hall is large and welcoming, with bright colours that reflect the joy that can be felt everywhere in the restaurant.

    The veranda can also host large groups, making it the ideal setting for celebrating special occasions such as baptisms, communions, confirmations, graduations and birthdays.

    The clientele may be large and lively but, thanks to the careful arrangement of the tables, the space is never noisy.

    The service is fast and the waiters are young and competent, giving Trattoria Porta Messina an instantly familiar feeling.

    The prices are more than affordable, both in absolute terms and in comparison with the average for Taormina.